Mechanical Services Engineering

PSG Facility Services are Master Plumbers who design, install and service air-conditioning systems and mechanical services to Australian Standards in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and throughout mainland China. All designs are prepared by qualified mechanical services engineers.  Our lead engineer is a Registered Building Practitioner: Mechanical Engineer.
The company was started in 1966, as R. E. Simmons Master Plumber and continues to deliver high quality HVAC, refrigeration and mechanical services in our 48th year.
PSG (Programmed Services Group) provides design to completion solutions through our strategic partnerships with industry leading consultants and technology providers.  Such partnerships allow PSG to deliver streamlined projects from beginning to end, delivering services and expertise to Australian Standards.
Our air-conditioning and mechanical services projects include shopping centre, hospitals, dental clinics, high-rise office buildings, night clubs, commercial offices and manufacturing plants.
PSG Facility Services offer service and maintenance programs ranging from standard service and maintenance to unique, sustainable and specialised maintenance solutions.  Our management team has over 20 years experience designing, installing and servicing mechanical services systems in Australia and mainland China.
We appoint a senior project manager to oversee all commercial projects as well as a dedicated project coordinator to make sure we deliver on time and within budget.
The Principal Consultant of PSG Facility Services has more than 25 years experience designing, installing and maintaining air-conditioning systems and mechanical services.  He is often called upon by clients, including local government authorities to identify and design rectification solutions for poorly designed or installed systems (he cleans up the mess made by others!).  
Projects designed, installed and serviced by our Principal Consultant include the new administrative offices at Toyota (Yanmar VRV System), shopping centres, hospitals, schools, high-rise buidlings such as the Rialto, hotels, restaurants and night clubs.
We design, manufacture, supply, install, test and commission industrial and commercial building systems.  PSG offers a full service so you know that your air conditioning, boiler and plumbing are running reliably and efficiently.
Our mechanical services engineers can advise you on the latest heating and cooling technology to ensure the highest levels of sustainability, most efficient systems and the best cost effective solutions.
PSG's mechanical services and air conditioning team are industry leaders in terms of their knowledge, skills and workmanship.  Projects undertaken include hospitals, commercial building, high-rise office buildings, shopping centres and manufacturing facilities.
Our capabilities include:
  • Programmed services and maintenance
  • Project management
  • Cogeneration plants
  • Pipe fabrication and installation
  • Dust extraction and industrial air ventilation services
  • Chiller and boiler installation and replacements
  • VRV commercial air-conditiong systems
  • Clean room air-conditioning
  • Testing, balancing and commissioning to Australian Standards
  • 4, 5 and 6 star energy rated buildings
  • Solar energy
  • Electrical services
  • Plumbing services
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance reduces the likelihood of breakdowns and allows for scheduled repair and replacement while minimising the inconvenience to building occupants.
System Upgrades
We can help you design, plan, construct and install your HVAC and mechanical services systems.
PSG Facility Services can help you to review the operation and efficiency of your equipment to identify:
  • Improved commercial outcomes
  • Opportunities to reduce costs
  • Means to protect the environment
  • ​PSG Facility Services provides:
  • HVAC, Mechanical and Multi-Service Installations 
  • Design and Construct HVAC
  • Project Management 
  • Building Automation and Controls
  • Central Energy Plant 
  • Industrial Ventilation, Dust Control and Exhaust Installation 
  • Industrial Process Piping, Ferrous and Non Ferrous 
  • Cleanrooms and Environmental Control Systems 
  • Balancing and Commissioning 
  • Electrical Power and Lighting
  • All work carried out by PSG Facility Services is undertaken by licensed and qualified personnel under the supervision of our highly qualified management team.